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Leadership & Strategy

“In the absence of effective leadership, all efforts to govern will fail.”

Combine purposeful business leadership and governance, with the maximised potential of your leaders, managers, and colleagues, to gain that head-start on the road to success.

Together, we will tap into a deep understanding of the latest developments in purposeful corporate leadership, governance, behaviours, and culture.

We help you build and communicate a clear vision of future success and achieve the twin goals of financial and environmental sustainability across your business plan.

You will maximise returns on your investment by developing your leaders.


Governance & Risk

“Corporate Governance is in troubled waters.”

With corporate failures prominent in the headlines, the words “corporate governance” have entered the mainstream media. The expression “failure of corporate governance” has become commonplace, and the names of culprit companies and directors have become all too familiar.

Clearly, something is wrong. Traditional, compliance-oriented approaches to corporate governance have left many in troubled waters. Trust has been eroded and company performance has suffered.

We believe great governance begins with people, their choices, their decisions, and their voices.

We work with you to bring your leadership and governance to life.

Workflow Optimisation

“Consultancy and SaaS solutions to enable the automation of information-centric, data-heavy business processes.”

From SMEs to global brands, our enterprise-class systems are used by both public and private sector clients and open the door to evidence-based decision-making, reduced processing times, greater consistency, improved customer (and patient) experience and lowered operating costs.

Robotic Process Automation, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.


Quality, Value, and Sustainability

“Your organisation creates value in many more areas than just the balance sheet; just ask your employees and their families.”

Together we will identify and expose value creation across the multiple ‘capitals of value’ that have direct as well as intangible meaning for your shareholders, institutional investors, and other key stakeholders.

People may even read your Annual Report, and those who do will talk about it!

How we work together with you

Coaching, Consulting, Mentoring, and Advice

“Our transformational services span the spectrum of leadership, strategy, governance, quality, and value to enable you to achieve your vision and values.”

As your strategic partner, we offer you our most current expertise gained with our long list of clients and an intimate understanding of the latest developments in corporate leadership, governance, behaviours, and corporate culture.

We will utilise skills including strengths-based coaching, consultancy, mentoring, and advice to give you the ideal tools to address your unique challenge.

Your choices create your advantages; choose wisely; take time to think before you act.

Transforming Meetings and Integrated Thinking

“The quality of your actions is dictated by the quality of your thinking.”

Using the tried and tested Time to Think™ methodology developed by Nancy Kline (the Thinking Environment™) you will quickly gain insight into the power of your own thinking on innovation, invention, and maximising your people’s potential.

Incorporate these 21st Century leadership and governance methodologies into the design of development programmes for your executive teams and boards to gain a measurable high-return in performance and culture.

Using our Transforming Meetings Programme™ clients save as much as 1/3 of time spent in meetings, enhancing clarity of purpose and thought, and optimising decision-making.

Clients LOVE it because they get so much more done, to a higher standard, and in far less time!

Time to Think - The Thinking Environment

“The quality of your thinking is dictated by the quality of the attention your are paid.”

Our clients have grown accustomed to releasing their freshest and most independent thinking when working with us in a “Thinking Environment™.”

Thinking together, you will uncover and test out as many scenarios, options, opportunities, strengths, and outcomes as you need to nail that lightbulb moment.

Strong Corporate Culture and Staff Engagement

“People who use their strengths every day are six times more likely to be engaged on the job.”

Teams that focus on their strengths are 12.5% more productive. We use strengths coaching to enable you to lead and improve performance with greater ease and confidence.

Change begins with individuals, and spreads through teams. Our team profiling and coaching module enhances the performance of individuals in teams, and of teams by revealing all the talents and strengths available to them.

Recent Blog Articles

Good Governance Breeds Great Business!

Good Governance Breeds Great Business!

How’s your Reputation Looking?
In business, openness, transparency, and communication are the building blocks of trust.
Trust is the foundation of your reputation.

Whether your organisation is public sector or a listed company, openness, transparency, and trust are crucial to your success.

Who is he calling?

What message are you sending to your stakeholders?

Your reputation is as important as any other capital, and failure to manage it can impact directly on your bottom line.
Lose the trust of your stakeholders, and your business devalues instantly.
Stakeholder scrutiny is at an all-time high. People want to know how their money is spent, and how important decisions are made.
The media reveals more questionable decisions daily, not only in government and the public sector, but in the companies contracted to work for them.

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Austerity’s Victims by Neil Carpenter

Austerity’s Victims by Neil Carpenter

Austerity’s Victims exposes the reality, describing in detail the lives of five men living in Cornwall. Their income, below the relative poverty threshold, is compared with national/county medians and the Minimum Income Standard of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. Their quality of life, as support and benefits are cut away, is also examined and shown to fall a long way short of the wellbeing defined in the 2014 Care Act.

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Time to Think™

Time to Think™

The quality of everything we do depends on the quality of the thinking we do first. The quality of our thinking depends on the way we treat each other while we are thinking.

Using our Transforming Meetings Programme™ clients save as much as 1/3 of time spent in meetings, enhancing clarity of purpose and thought, and optimising decision-making.

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Women in Marketing Awards 2016 are Here!

Women in Marketing Awards 2016 are Here!

Enter Now to be in the Running to Win in 2016 - Entries Close on 29 September 2016 Who can enter? The Awards are open to the whole of the UK. You can choose as many categories as you wish (a separate entry must be put together for each). Self and third party...

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Interview with Ms Sharon Stone

Interview with Ms Sharon Stone

We interviewed Sharon Stone from our offices in Rome in her capacity as Global Campaign Chair at the American Foundation for AIDS Research.

Sharon speaks about fundraising for HIV/AIDS research, and her insights into the day-to-day realities for those suffering the devastating symptoms of the virus, including tiny orphans and other deeply vulnerable people.

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The Best Bosses Follow These 5 Rules

Amazing bosses try to make work meaningful and enjoyable for employees. They’re most successful when they adhere to a few best practices: Manage individuals, not just teams. When you’re under pressure, you can forget that employees have varying interests, abilities,...

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Contractors could lose public sector tenders if they don’t enforce anti-slavery measures

Contractors could lose public sector tenders if they don’t enforce anti-slavery measures

According to Construction News, “contractors could lose out on public sector tenders if they fail to take measures to ensure their supply chain is free of companies engaged in modern slavery practices.

A leading construction lawyer has warned that growing numbers of clients are likely to include questions on slavery in tender documents as the issue has come into focus following the passing of the Modern Slavery Act.

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What is a Board for Anyway?

What is a Board for Anyway?

The English model of corporate governance is imitated to varying degrees throughout the world and certainly sets a benchmark by which other systems are judged, even when they are strikingly different. Strangely, we still a surprising amount of time helping board members across many organisations to consider why they are there and deciding what their focus should be. Here’s a quick introduction to get new directors out of the blocks.

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