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Professor Paul Stanton

Professor Paul Stanton

CEO Southminster Health and Social Care; Associate at The Kings Fund

Charlie Helps FRSA has both breadth and depth of understanding of the multi-faceted challenges of 21st-century public sector governance. He combines a keen analytic mind with a high level of emotional intelligence. He recognises the importance of a dynamic, open and challenging Board culture. He is skilled in his support to Boards that are determined to develop a robust grip on the organisation’s performance – not least because he has the courage to identify shortcomings in an organisations governance architecture.

In a rapidly evolving health and social care system, Charlie is unusually astute and ‘system literate’ – that is, he is versed in the legal context of governance, understands organisational inter-dependence (within the NHS and beyond) and the ways in which the ‘law of unintended consequence’ can confound policy-makers and frustrate the well-intentioned.

Consequently, he can help organisations and those who govern them to make sense of complexity and respond positively to the challenges and threats facing the fabric of national and local health and social care economies.
With a strong foundation in technology, Charlie is well-placed to advise and lead on digital transformation and the use of Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence to lighten the administrative load on boards and their support staff.

Julie Urlaub

Julie Urlaub

Founder and Managing Partner Taiga Company

At Taiga Company we have been impressed by Charlie’s work in broadening global awareness and adoption of sustainable business strategies and good governance. He tirelessly runs a number of free resources on the web and social media that are not only great for keeping pace in the fast-moving world of sustainability and governance, they go a long way to driving business transformation and the adoption of global best practice.

Charlie shares our values and our passion for eco-awareness and is particularly good at translating complex matters into actionable and rewarding business practice.

Charlie has done much to support our corporate initiatives online, and we love working with him on our shared interests

Guy Battle

Guy Battle

CEO UK Social Value Portal

Charlie has made a significant contribution to furthering social value creation in the UK and beyond in his capacity as a member of the UK Social Value Portal Advisory Board.

He has a natural and intuitive insight into ‘social value’ in the context of business and wider society. He translates this into tangible actions for supply chains, procurement managers, and for company directors within the context of Integrated Thinling and Reporting.

We are also grateful to Charlie for hosting a series of successful workshops for the UK Social Value Portal which were enjoyed by many enthusiastic participants


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