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Leadership & Strategy

“In the absence of effective leadership, all efforts to govern will fail.”

Combine purposeful business leadership and governance, with the maximised potential of your leaders, managers, and colleagues, to gain that head-start on the road to success.

Together, we will tap into a deep understanding of the latest developments in purposeful corporate leadership, governance, behaviours, and culture.

We help you build and communicate a clear vision of future success and achieve the twin goals of financial and environmental sustainability across your business plan.

You will maximise returns on your investment by developing your leaders.



“Corporate Governance is in troubled waters.”

With corporate failures prominent in the headlines, the words “corporate governance” have entered the mainstream media. The expression “failure of corporate governance” has become commonplace, and the names of culprit companies and directors have become all too familiar.

Clearly, something is wrong. Traditional, compliance-oriented approaches to corporate governance have left many in troubled waters. Trust has been eroded and company performance has suffered.

We believe “governance” begins with people, and their choices, and their decisions, and their voices; we will work with you to bring your governance to life.

Capturing Latent and Hidden Value-creation

Quality, Value, and Sustainability

“Your organisation creates value in many more areas than just the balance sheet; just ask your employees and their families.”

Together we will identify and expose value creation across the multiple ‘capitals of value’ that have direct as well as intangible meaning for your shareholders, institutional investors, and other key stakeholders.

People may even read your Annual Report, and those who do will talk about it!

How we work together with you

Coaching, Consulting, Mentoring, and Advice

“Our transformational services span the spectrum of leadership, strategy, governance, quality, and value to enable you to achieve your vision and values.”

As your strategic partner, we offer you our most current expertise gained with our long list of clients and an intimate understanding of the latest developments in corporate leadership, governance, behaviours, and corporate culture.

We will utilise skills including coaching, consultancy, mentoring, and advice to give you the ideal tools to address your unique challenge.

The choices you make create the advantages you gain.

Integrated Thinking

“The quality of your actions is dictated by the quality of your thinking.”

We can give you insight into the benefits of adopting a cycle of integrated thinking and Integrated Reporting. If you chose to, we will incorporate these 21st Century governance methodologies into the design of development programmes your executive teams and boards.

You will also benefit from our insights into how organisations can develop value across the Six Capitals of value defined in the Framework.

Your communications department will thank you, take our word for it. Everybody loves a good-news story.

Time to Think - The Thinking Environment

“The quality of your thinking is dictated by the quality of the attention your are paid.”

Our clients have grown accustomed to releasing their freshest and most independent thinking when working with us in a “Thinking Environment” ™.

Thinking together, you will uncover and test out as many scenarios, options, opportunities, strengths, and outcomes as you need to nail that lightbulb moment.

Strong Corporate Culture - Strengths Coaching

“People who use their strengths every day are six times more likely to be engaged on the job.”

Teams that focus on their strengths are 12.5% more productive. We use strengths coaching to enable you to lead and improve performance with greater ease and confidence.

Change begins with individuals, and spreads through teams. Our team profiling and coaching module enhances the performance of individuals in teams, and of teams by revealing all the strengths available.

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