Leading and following should be joyous!

A leader sets an example for their team or employees. They set the tone for how the group interacts and communicates. Since they are a role model, they must be confident, intelligent, and possess excellent interpersonal skills. They also need to remain motivated. One of a leader’s most important tasks is keeping their team inspired, but to do that they need to feel driven themselves. If you are a leader or aspiring to be one, how do you keep your motivation high throughout the stresses encompassed in a leadership position?

Expectation of Rewards

Though leading gives you personal satisfaction, one of the reasons that you strive to be a good leader is the anticipated benefits. Reward in the form of financial gain through bonuses, raises, and promotions are the most obvious advantage to being a good leader. Other, more abstract rewards come in the form of status and responsibilities. While money is an obvious motivator, many great leaders are more inspired by knowing that they have done a good job and impressed others or by earning the right to take on more challenging tasks.
Joy of Being Challenged
Leaders tend to be those who enjoy grasping onto problems and wrestling with them until they are solved. Rather than being frightened by issues that crop up, they find satisfaction in developing a resolution. Completing challenging tasks give leaders a feeling of fulfillment that motivates them for the next problem solving opportunity. Day to day, mundane tasks, that other people might find comforting, are a bore to leaders who are uninspired by the simplistic.

Team Play

Great leaders understand that they are responsible for the actions and performance of their team. Therefore, they work to make each member of their group the best that they can be. Creating a well developed team that the organization can count on is a goal that motivates a good leader. The best leaders have the loyalty and dedication of their team members and do not try to set themselves on a pedestal over them. Going beyond their own team, leaders are motivated by making doing what is best for their organization.
Encouraging Mentors
People who lead are responsible for motivating others all day long, so nothing inspires them more than receiving some of that encouragement themselves. All aspiring or experienced leaders should have a mentor who can talk them through difficult times and let them know that they are doing an excellent job.


Above all, leading and following should be joyous! If either is not, you’re doing it wrong!