Quality and Risk in the NHS

We highly recommend this video to anybody interested in governance, quality and risk in the NHS. Judge Mervyn King, a long-time friend of the late Nelson Mandela, speaks with deep commitment about the responsibilities of directors in the NHS, and the courage required to take difficult decisions in times of budgetary constraint.

Judge Mervyn King

Mervyn Eldred King (born 22 July 1937, Johannesburg) is a South African corporate attorney, arbitrator, mediator, corporate director, commission chair, author and speaker. A former judge of the Supreme Court of South Africa, he is currently the director of the Global Reporting Initiative and the Association of Business Administrators of Southern Africa. He is best known for chairing the King Committee on Corporate Governance, which issued three comprehensive reports in 1994 (King I), 2002 (King II), and 2009 (King III) endorsing an integrated and inclusive approach to corporate governance in South Africa.

The King Report

The King Report on Corporate Governance was and is a ground-breaking code of corporate governance in South Africa. Compliance with the King Reports is a requirement for companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. The King Report on Corporate Governance has been cited as “the most effective summary of the best international practices in corporate governance” and is not dissimilar from the UK Corporate Governance Code.

The NHS Video

Published on 13 Jan 2014, the video is a short and insightful interview with Judge Mervyn King on his feelings concerning a 21st century NHS. In it he discusses best practices concerning business models, adopting an integrated thinking style and the value a modern NHS can bring to the UK. The interview was conducted by Mitzi Wyman on behalf of the London Leadership Academy which is a pan-London NHS leadership development organisation, working to support leaders across the Captial (sic). We create time and space for leaders to learn together, creating connections across London and building networks, to enable them to deliver the best care possible to patients and service users.