Every startup wants to “go viral” at some point. After all, who wouldn’t want free widespread publicity?

Candice Galek

Candice Galek

The problem, however, is that viral marketing is easier said than done. Viral marketing is a finicky beast and one that hinges on the perfect combination of timing, authenticity, and luck.

One entrepreneur who has recently managed to go viral is Candice Galek, founder of Bikini Luxe, an online swimwear retailer. Bikini Luxe does much of its marketing via traditional social media platforms, including Facebook and Pinterest. However, it was Candice’s decision to focus on LinkedIn that turned heads.

Now, LinkedIn isn’t typically the venue that comes to mind when one thinks of bikinis and bikini models. However, Candice recognized the opportunity to connect with potential investors, partners, and customers and decided to utilize the platform.

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