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Are you a General Counsel and also Company Secretary?

Private companies do not have to appoint a secretary unless their articles of association require them to, although larger private companies would often choose to appoint one. A public limited company must have a secretary.

If you have been formally appointed company secretary, duly registered at Companies House, even if not on the board of directors in your role as general counsel, you are an officer of the company under the Companies Act. As an officer of the company the secretary can be criminally liable for defaults committed by the company.

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Horizon Scanning for Boards

At a roundtable hosted by Governance + Compliance magazine in July, seven of the UK’s foremost governance professionals met to discuss the pivotal role of the company secretary. The meeting followed the publication of ICSA’s report The Company Secretary: Building...

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Guardians of Governance

We believe “governance” begins with people, and their choices, and their decisions, and their voices. We will work with you to bring your governance to life and to give you a fighting chance of avoiding national disasters like we are seeing played out at Carillion PLC.

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NHS: Mervyn King on the Challenges Faced by NHS Boards

Quality and Risk in the NHS
We highly recommend this video to anybody interested in governance, quality and risk in the NHS. Judge Mervyn King, a long-time friend of the late Nelson Mandela, speaks with deep commitment about the responsibilities of directors in the NHS, and the courage required to take difficult decisions in times of budgetary constraint.

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Book Review: A Better World, Inc. by Alice Korngold

Governance—it was a pretty normal day until my Twitter DM inbox came alive with: “Charlie, would you be interested in reviewing my book, A Better World, Inc.” I had been planning to head over to Amazon to order myself a copy, and here was the author, the eminent Alice Korngold, offering me an opportunity to review her latest book.

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So where to Next for Corporate Governance on Social Media?

In moments, I could see a picture of my network stretching out in front of me like spaghetti junction on a good day, clear and green (you can change that). There was traffic, and I could see plenty of intersections, a few accidents, some happy coincidences, even one or two serendipitous moments. But above all else, what was clear was: those of us talking about Corporate Governance are a distributed yet cohesive set, with smaller, bridged groups coagulating around similar topics.

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